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Prior to planting a seed or seedling, a planting pit about 50cm in depth and the same in width. This planting hole serves to loosen the soil and helps to retain moisten in the root zone, enabling the seedlings’ roots to develop rapidly. The day before out planting, water the filled pits or wait until a good rain fall before out-planting the seedlings. The holes are filled in before transplanting the seedling. In areas of heavy rainfall, the soil is shaped in the form of a mound to encourage drainage.

Leaf Havesting

The moringa tree has a compound leaf, which is one leaf in which is made up of multiple leaflets. Leaf harvesting is done by directly picking and removing the leaves of the trees.

Stripping the Leaves

All the leaves are stripped from the leaf petiole, at this stage the healthy leaves are selected.


The leaflets are washed in troughs using potable water to remove dirt. The leaves are then washed again in a 1% saline solution for 3-5 minutes to remove microbes. Finally the leaflets are washed again in a clean water.


Water is strained from the leaves in buckets that have been perforated, the leaflets are spread out on a tray in which are made with food-grade mesh. They are left to drain for approximately 15 minutes before they are taken to the dryer.


The leaflets are spread on mesh tied racks in a well ventilated room. The room is insect, rodent and dust proof. Leaves are completely dry within a maximum of 4 days.


The dry leaves are milled using a stainless steel hammer mill.

Drying of the leaf powder

Once the leaves have been milled then they are left to dry at 50o for 30 minutes.
SeedingLeaf HavestingStripping the Leaves WashingDrainageDryingMillingDrying of the leaf powder